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Irish Aepona raises $10m led by Blackberry Partners Fund

Irish Aepona raises $10m led by Blackberry Partners Fund along with Amadeus Capital Partners, Polaris Ventures, Innovacom, Nordic Venture Partners & Sutter Hill Ventures.

Aepona is a Belfast-based developer of a software engine that powers the ‘Network as a Service‘ (NaaS) business model for mobile operators. The technology allows mobile operators to monetise assets and functionality within their networks – such as billing, location, messaging and voice communications – to open up new revenue opportunities.

Commenting on its decision to invest in Aepona, Marc Faucher, Partner at BlackBerry Partners Fund said, “Aepona’s proposition is constructively aligned with the strategic goals of mobile operators, and the company is ideally positioned to capitalize on the major trends that are shaping the future of the mobile industry.”

“We are delighted to welcome BlackBerry Partners Fund on board as a new investor in Aepona,” said Al Snyder, CEO of Aepona.The Fund shares our vision for the future of the mobile industry – one in which mobile operators can adopt a two-sided business model, delivering differentiated, network-enabled applications through their retail channels as well as directly monetizing their network and billing assets to open up new wholesale revenue opportunities from the Mobile Cloud. We especially look forward to leveraging the relationships that BlackBerry Partners Fund shares with the handset and application developer communities, to develop new propositions that combine the unique capabilities of the mobile device with the power of the mobile network.”

Michael Crossey, Aepona’s vice-president of marketing, said the involvement of BlackBerry Partners Fund would help to improve the Belfast firm’s relationships with important players in the mobile market, such as Research In Motion.